The Team Behind (and Sometimes on Top of) the 300 Days of Run Leaderboard

Dan Lemberger - Organizer
Dan is the CEO of Epstein Technologies, a global Intellectual Property company representing the revolutionary human and organizational transformational technologies of Donny Epstein. Dan enjoys running the trails of Colorado, and thinking up exceptional running challenges for ordinary runners. He never ran more than 5 miles in a single run until he turned 40, when the running bug bit him. First came a marathon, then it was run across the Grand Canyon, and now it’s 300 Days of Run.

Adam Rosenscruggs - Developer
Adam is the Director of Analytics at Integral, a leading analytical and strategic consulting company servicing the non-profit industry. Adam is a Texas native currently living in San Diego, California, and while trail running is his main hobby, he also spends an enormous amount of time following Houston sports teams and traveling the world with his wife.

Seth Ammons - Developer
Seth is a senior software engineer at SendGrid, scaling out their backend systems for delivering transactional and marketing based email. He spends his free time with his family, crossfitting/powerlifting, and mountain biking near his home in the Southern California mountains (when he is not deep in an audio book!).

Rob Leathern - Board Member and Advisor
Rob is founder and CEO of, where users can block ads and still help publishers create great content! He lives in Boulder, Colorado and loves trail running, with his favorites so far being the Kalalau Trail in Kauai and the Grand Canyon R2R. Rob has run three marathons (3:41 PR, NYC 2014) and hopes one day to break a 5 minute mile... but right now he'll settle for 300 Days of Run!