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Here are the BIG Rules:

1 - Run a minimum of 300 Days in 1 Year

2 - Commit to raise a minimum of $300 for a charity of your choice

3- Have fun!


And the Smaller Rules AKA Fine Print

1 - All Runs have to occur between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. 

2 - Run speed has to be at least 5 miles per hour (12 min miles).

3 - Runs can be on a treadmill.

4 - More stuff as we come up with it...

300DOR FAQ.jpg




Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to commit to raise money for a charity?

In lieu of an entry fee into the event, we ask that you commit to raise a minimum of $300 for a charity of your choice.  You know that you are going to be talking about this to all of your friends, or maybe not, but still it needs to be more than just about you!  Seriously though, what better way to celebrate this milestone achievement than helping to support some real people in need.  If you don't have a charity of preference, here are a few we recommend:

 - Coming Soon....


Do I get a shirt and medal for finishing?

Maybe if we get some sponsors.... :)


Do I have to be a pro athlete to do this?

Nope.  You just need to be determined to get out and run at least 300 days in 2016.  Actually, since the minimum run has to be only 2 miles, this "endurance run" is accessible to a wide range of runners from casual to professional.


Does 2016 being a leap-year help me in any way?

Yes it allows you to miss 66 days of running over the year instead of the usual 65.  Bonus!


Should I consult a doctor before starting this?

Yes.  We also recommend you get your head examined because this thing you are about to do is crazy!


Is this really a smart thing to do?

Probably not.  We like to think there is stupid (small s) and Stupid (Big S), and as long as you keep it in the small s range you're golden.


What's the latest I can start and still complete 300 days of running in 2016?

March 7, 2016 and then you'll need to run everyday through the year end.


When the soonest I can finish 300 days of running in 2016?

If you run continuous days starting January 2016, you will run your 300th run on Wednesday October 26, 2016.


What items will you track? 

We will be tracking: Date of Run, Distance, Time, Pace, Elevation Gain. 


300DOR Run.jpg